Connected objects

Connected objects (IoT, Internet of Things) have gradually invaded our daily life. Smartphones and connected devices, whether they are connected directly or indirectly to the Internet, form a new digital galaxy. And the size of this galaxy continues to grow: it is estimated that by 2025, no fewer than 150 billion connected objects will populate the world.

The IoT brings together all the sensors and objects connected to the Internet, thus allowing remote control of our physical environment. They are present both to the general public, notably with home automation, household appliances, or even bracelets and connected watches, as in the fields of health or industry (industry 4.0).

This new reality gives rise to particular risks. These ever-increasing interconnections are potential security holes, and the large amounts of data processed and stored in the cloud are a target for some criminals.

By helping you better understand connected objects and the implications of their use, this site will help you get the best out of them … and avoid the worst.